Glow Your Own Way

Makeup artist Madi Scanlan poses with models Amber, Vicki and Hunter.

By Jess Thompson

Y’all wanted more beauty, so we brought you more beauty. I reached out to one of the greatest beauty gurus I could find, Madi Scanlan (known on Instagram as @eg0friendly), a sophomore at University of Oregon. Here Madi gives us insight into her  shares a piece of her talent with us.

“Makeup is something I’ve minimally played around with since middle school. I wasn’t really good at it until senior year of high-school and even then I was barely ‘good’ but i really started enjoying it once I started messing around with bright colors and arty looks. I had been confined to neutral for so long that it really felt like a new world to me at the time. It became my main hobby in college because I needed a creative outlet.”

“The reason I think I took to makeup so well is because I have always been an artistically creative person and I love that makeup gives me the opportunity to express that creativity literally on my face everyday. I like being different from everybody else it helps me to stand out.”

“I try to use my platform to spread social justice messages to my followers. If I’m not using my position to share these kinds of messages then I am only perpetuating them. I try to also emulate the message that there is not ‘right’ way to do makeup. Artist are only getting more creative everyday and are trying to specify one style over another, its all this idea of this psychological one-up-man-ship where everyone is trying to tear down one another.” 

Authenticity and well-being should not be a this new fad. Being transparent should not be a trendy game, measurable through followers and comments. Madi’s account is not just a platform to showcase her creative outlet, it’s a place to reach out to consumers and people, instead of trying to set beauty standards and self-esteem problems, she attempts to talk about living a good life, through feeling happy in your own body, by practicing happiness, integrity, health, and humanism. Us college students know what it’s like to not feel optimal in certain spaces, finding a creative way to make art is something that fuels the soul. This girl kills it with a brush a little bit of powder, magic dust, and a dash of glitter. It was amazing being able to shoot and showcase this goth babes unique and special talent.


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