Chromatic Consumption

Drawn away from the usual pairing of black and white, this past year has seen injections of vibrant, retina searing shades that pulsate via monochrome outfits. From runway to streetwear, the trend of dressing in one color allows people to experiment sartorially – from simply donning a solid-colored ensemble to meshing different prints and textures –  people can play all within the same color family. 

Bright bold shades of red symbolize both protest and play, a spectrum that has familiarized itself within our social climate. Glossy reds punctuate the lighter side of scale – here, model Maria wears a pleated red satin dress by ASOS. 

Cobalt-tinged blues radiate both on and off therunway, adding a cool punch to the trappings of streetwear style. Phosphorescent in nature, these hues create an energetic vibe. Model Robbie wears a transparent blue raincoat and jersey t-shirt and shorts by ASOS. 

Tradition ties green closely with nature, and as concern around environmental change rises, so does our interest in sustainable and natural activities. Earthy and forest shaded greens increasingly saturate our perspective for the future ahead. Model Emma wears a green two-piece suit by ASOS and a satin bralette by Victoria’s Secret. 

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