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A Valentines Day Gift Guide for All


Feb. 14, a fan favorite of none, a stressful mess for all. Let’s be honest Valentine’s Day is not it. If you are one of the lucky few that happens to be in a romantic entanglement, good for you… we are all SOOOOO happy for you. 

Valentine’s Day presents a headache for even the most thoughtful partner. “What do I get for my partner?” “Where do I get dinner reservations?” “Do Edible Arrangements count as flowers?” 

You know what, screw it. Here is a short list of gift ideas for your partner that they will certainly enjoy that won’t break the bank:



Candles are a great gift especially if you are in a pinch. Everyone can appreciate a nice smelling candle, and the variety of options allows for you to find something that matches the vibe of your special someone. 


There are plenty of small and local candle makers in the area and on campus, so I strongly encourage you to try and shop as locally as possible. Restyle in downtown Corvallis would be a great starting point on your journey.  


A CD Mixtape of all your favorite songs:

It’s DJ NateyNate here at K-BVR, cooking up those slow jams for you and your boo this Valentine’s Day. Up next is a mix sent in by one of our listeners, and they’ve got a message for their special someone. 


“Hey Alex, I love you so much and I can’t wait to share this moment with you. I wouldn’t want it any other way, let’s dance the night away to Perfect by Ed Sheran” 


Whether on CD or Spotify, mixing up a playlist of your favorite songs is a fun way to show someone you care. Take songs that remind you guys of each other and put them together so you can share those romantic chords with each other as many times as your heart desires. 


A Home Cooked Dinner:

Food is love. There is no feeling like a warm full belly that makes you feel nearly as whole and present. Whether you share your meal with one person or a whole table, taking time out of your busy schedule to prepare and eat a meal in the company of those you love is infatuating. 


Pasta, oven roast chicken, or some chickpea curry all make fantastic options. Ear-to-ear smiles and billowing laughter to taste. 


If you are struggling to find good ideas, be sure to check out Beaver’s Digest website where you can find recipe cards under the Food and Drinks. 


A photo collage: 

We are all constantly taking pictures and posting them on the internet. Saving memes and photos and sharing them with our friends is part and parcel to life as a college student. While the internet is forever, sometimes this constant stream of sharing, liking, and swiping leads to a lack of genuine connection that removes a sense of permanence from our camera roll.


Valentine’s Day is a fun opportunity to take your favorite photos of your loved ones and make a crafty collage. With glue, photos, and other print materials go to town making a collage to celebrate all the fun moments you have had together.


A Saturday walk along Corvallis’s riverfront downtown

Growing up in Corvallis, I would come down to the riverfront on occasion and would always leave with some unique goodie or gift. There are so many wonderful boutiques that sell everything from outdoor gear, to chocolate, with some one of a kind clothing stores mixed in as well. 


While the Saturday Farmer’s Market moves to the Benton County Fairgrounds during the winter. The riverfront scene still is a quaint and quiet place to enjoy your time with your partner. There is plenty of space to lay down a blanket and take in the cool fresh air while watching the Willamette river roll past. 


A Vintage shopping date to TSA and LINT:

If you ever want to feel as though you are in a movie, go on a date to a vintage store. Corvallis has more than a few great options, but I’d like to highlight two specific stores that are near and dear to me. 


TSA Vintage on 408 SW Monroe Ave., is located right at the heart of downtown next to the courthouse and offers a selection of vintage items that any college student can appreciate. There are often pieces by local designers like Hangdog, that have a steezy look not commonly found in the Corvallis fashion scene. 


Lint, located on 202 SW 5th St., has shelves full of playful and adventurous vintage garments at a price point perfect for the broke student lifestyle. Whether it’s tees, hats, sweaters, or pants Lint has the makings for potentially groundbreaking couples outfits. The cute and cozy brick building holds a lot of flair and fun, and is super walkable from the south campus dorms. 


Paint night:

Grab your paint brush, it’s time to get to action. Take a quick trip to Micheals or Joanns to gather up supplies and spend the evening painting. If you don’t like the end result, just call it modern art and wait for the Museum Of Modern Art to give you a call. Hang your work around the house to remind you of the fun evening. 


Romantic study date in the library:

The timing of Valentine’s Day this year is very unfortunate for Oregon State University students. Feb. 14 falls on the Tuesday of Week 6. Love is going to be in the air, but the smell of stress, sweat, and tears from midterms is likely to be a touch more pungent.


For those wishing to celebrate Valentine’s Day, be mindful to consider the schedule of those who you wish to celebrate with. Why not kill two birds with one stone? You need to study and you need to spend time with your partner, why not do both at the time. 


The OSU Valley Library has a storied history of self love, and nothing is sexier than someone who is well read. A romantic study date over vector calculus and business law is sure to send tingles down your partner’s spine. 


Netflix Watch Party of “10 Things I Hate About You”

“10 Things I Hate About You, starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger is a classic in the romcom archive. Unlike other installments in the romcom genre, “10 Things I Hate About You” is relatable and entertaining even for those who are not head over heels smitten.


Ledger’s Performance of “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” sent shockwaves into my adolescent mind the first time I saw it, and I’m sure that you and your friends will understand why. 


I wanted to be sure to add an option specifically for those who may be in a long distance relationship or far away from their loved ones this Valentine’s Day. “10 Things I Hate About You” is available on both Hulu and Disney+, allowing for shared viewing amongst all your friends with apps like Teleparty. 


A Coffee date at Interzone Cafe

Ah coffee, Where would I be without it….

Still in bed, that’s where!

Interzone Cafe on the corner of NW Monroe AAve. and NW 16th St. is my personal favorite campus coffee spot. A homey feel and a welcoming staff creates a space that is equally as uplifting as their coffee. They have healthy fresh food made everyday and are open until 6 p.m. most nights. 


Valentine’s Day is going to be busy for us all, so why not stop into the interzone and grab a quick cup of coffee with your people to get a burst of liquid energy. Me and my partner have made cappuccino dates a regular occurrence at Interzone and they are an easy way to show someone you care. Sit down, talk, listen, and take in the ambience and you are sure to leave refreshed and ready for the rest of your day. 



Now that I think of it, Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad afterall. It can be a fun way to show the people around you that you love them. Who cares if they are a romantic partner, a friend, or even family. You are never alone and if you feel that way, then lean into your people and reach out for help. 


We all have fond memories of receiving little Valentine’s Day cards and candy during elementary school from most everyone in our class, so why stop now. We are still kids, just a bit bigger, hairier, and more stressed out. Good luck on finding ways to celebrate your loved ones. 


Fashion is a conversation that is on-going, please feel free to reach out to @nate_olsen12 on Instagram to share your insights and opinions. Stay happy, Stay healthy!

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