Hyper Bionic

Director: Jesus Reyes Photographer: Jacob Lagmay Models: Kelsey Bigelow, Lorenzo Lowe III, Keyshawn Davis and Young Oum
As the rise of streetwear continues, brands realize that the less of something they make, the more people want to buy it.

Director: Jesus Reyes, Photographer:Jacob Lagmay, Models: Kelsey Bigelow, Lorenzo Lowe III, Keyshawn Davis, and Young Oum

Sneakers that sell out in seconds and hoodies with waiting lists, consumers turn to automated buying robots, that stand in online queues for the most coveted of drops. Their presence makes every release as chaotic as Black Friday.

Even if you wait countless hours, fingers on the trackpad, ready to spend, you may still find yourself empty handed.

The value of limited edition streetwear is more than monetary, it now takes time and sometimes artificial intelligence to get something truly hyped.

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