Building an Anti-Conformist Wardrobe

For too long there have been boxes confining men to what is “acceptable” to dress in.

Over the years, I’ve noticed men’s fashion becoming increasingly limited in what styles are accepted in the mainstream. Most men limit their wardrobe to pants, t-shirts, sweats, and hoodies with the occasional suit thrown in from time to time, but why is this?

Women have a much larger selection of styles, fits and textures to choose from, so why shouldn’t it be acceptable to take pieces from both genders and combine them into one outfit? It shouldn’t matter what gender your clothes were made for; fashion is about expression and if you want to wear a women’s blouse with men’s jeans, who’s to tell you not to?

My personal wardrobe consists of about half women’s and half men’s wear and for many of the pieces you wouldn’t even be able to tell it’s from the women’s section. It’s time for people to stop limiting themselves to what society sees as men’s or women’s clothing. Wear what you want. Express yourself through your style and stop worrying about what others think.

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