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Hallo-Queen Drag Show Took OSU by Storm


 At the Hallo-Queen Drag Show, Performers stepped on stage one by one to entertain the audience in their ever-so-creative outfits. 

Smiles filled the room, laughter bounced around the room, and supportive flags flew high on Nov 3 at Oregon State University’s Hallo-Queens Drag Show event in the LaSells Stewart Center.

Some looks were sparkly, some gory and some chic, the crowd went wild as each revealed their look for the night. While captivating and incredible to experience, for most the outfits represent more than just the cherry on top of an extraordinary act. 

Photo By Jules Woods


An inviting and warm energy encapsulated the space, and with a glance up at the entrance of the large auditorium. The sight was filled with colors, costumes and most importantly, community.

Elektra Starr, one of the performers, said the inspiration for her look was,“being tired of others speaking for trans individuals.”

“I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere, and you need to start listening,” Starr said.

Starr stood tall and proud in her transgender flag-inspired sparkly gown as a symbol that expressing fashion in drag is a way of creating a narrative and a platform for the trans community.

As for Richard Rider, his costumes come with their own continuously developing story.

“I’m a huge proponent of thrifting,” Rider said. “I think it’s a beautiful art form to take already owned and already used clothes and making something more out of it.” 

Photo by Jules Woods


Drag is all about expressing yourself, extravagant entertainment, and showing your true colors. However, these characteristics are merely the tip of the iceberg to the possibilities drag presents. 

According to Roseveil Vivacious, another performer of the night, Kings, Queens, whomever you may be, drag is for you. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth), AMAB (Assigned Male At Birth), plus size, non-binary, trans, in between, drag is art for everybody,” Vivacious said.“When you get on that stage you are who you are at that moment.” 

And who were they? We saw vampires, Professor Jim Moriarty, a take on one of the spice girls, a bellydancer, a nun and many more unique ensembles. 

The night ended with all the queens and kings returning to center stage to give their final goodbyes. 

Photo by Jules Woods

“If you want to support the queer arts, you are directly keeping us alive, so thank you,” Rider said.

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