Loose Pants: Future, or Fad?

Loose Fitting Pants

By: Jordan Farris

As trends come and trends go, the shape and tailoring of men’s pants is always changing. In the 90’s and early 00’s we saw baggy, straight leg jeans that often sagged in the crotch and waist. These monstrous shroud-like pants were influenced by street culture of the early 90’s and late 80’s. It didn’t take long for the look to transcend the average consumer and make its way to runways. Designers played around with this looser silhouette until it ran its course, eventually leading to the current style of spray-on skinnies. Now that we’ve reached the point where the cycle of fashion has come full circle, is it time to embrace the baggy pant once again?




Going from pants that could double as leggings might have you shaking your head. Why wear something so different? The obvious answer is to be different. Fashion is always shifting, changing, redefining itself, so it only makes sense to move along with it. This trend of loose pants that tend to hang from the hips (rather than follow the legs) really sets an outfit apart from the norm. While most mainstream designers still stick to skinny jeans and tapered fits, some designers such as Studio Nicholson featured above have capitalized on this new market. Instead of highlighting the legs, it almost masks them, creating a new shape that can be coupled with a tight fitting mock neck or tucked in plain t-shirt.

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