Spring Launch Party Fashion Show

Meaghan Evans

May 2nd 2019: DAMchic Spring Launch Party: The evening was illuminated. Yes, the setting sun may have had something to do with that, but what lit up the SEC plaza on this evening were the ear to ear smiles of eight designers having just seen their collections walk the DAMchic runway. The audience was in on it too, beaming with excitement at the commanding and diverse models, one over the age of 40, sauntering with a sculpted briefcase at his side and a slight grin on his face. Each look on the runway was vastly different from its predecessor, showing the true talent and creativity of these young designers.

The evening was a celebration, bringing together friends, family, fashionistas, creatives, designers, students and DAMchic fans. It was an honor to host an event that unified our community in the name of fashion and diversity. A big thank you goes out to our eight designers and their tough models, to Dam Diverse, to the Memorial Union, to our sponsors; Runway Fashion Exchange, Sky High Brewing, and Dutch Brothers, to Orange Media Network, to our DAMchic team, and most importantly to our supportive audience–we cannot wait to see back in the fall.

Renew by Amber Hill

LOVERBOY by Charlie Lee

Knot New by Evan Harvey

Spring Collection by Brock Miller

Dr. Terra’s Guest – Sean Yu

Spring(er) 2019 – Keaton Springer

SHREELINE – Jayashree Black-Lazo

People of Color by Darius Northern


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