Alchemy Born Again

Rae Ma

DAMchic’s spring edition, Alchemy, focused on the change and creation of the natural world. Many of the editors and contributors looked for inspiration in nature and the elements to express this theme. Each person had a different interpretation on how they can display or incorporate Alchemy in their shoots. Some people used the elements and others took to creating their own expression with alchemy. My interpretation was a fusion of alchemy and the human system. The idea is called “BORN AGAIN.” BORN AGAIN is about humans who have evolved in this world because their human system was fused with alchemy, thus making them the “superior” human race. In terms of evolution and Darwin’s Law of natural selection, the “superior” humans would continue to live on.


(Photographer: Hussain Balushi, Model: Emma Johnstone, MUA: Emily Carter)

To capture this idea, I worked with Emma Johnstone, Hussain Balushi, and Emily Carter. Emily spent 45 mins on creating a realistic SFX spike makeup on Emma’s shoulders. The spikes were placed in random on her shoulders. Emily used scar and nose wax and liquid latex to help blend and hold the spike in place. She later added red around the spikes to illustrate that the spikes are new. It also highlights the irritation.



After Emily finished the makeup, Hussain took over and photographed Emma in different areas of Central Park in Corvallis. Emily and I assisted by holding up the portable flash and the reflector. Each of these photos captured emotion, movement and idea behind BORN AGAIN. This is just one of the many interpretations of Alchemy.



When you pick up a copy of the DAMchic spring edition, take a moment to look at each page of the magazine and try to understand each shoot’s own interpretation of alchemy.










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