Halloween: How to DIY

It’s that time of year again where we have to get creative! Hooray for Halloween! Halloween is a time where we can express ourselves through a costume that symbolizes our personalities.


DIY projects are a big deal during this time and also a scramble. Since we are in college and money is limited, we come up with our own ideas to have many Halloween costumes for the Halloween weekend. “I really love to create my own DIY outfits! I like to be able to create something that unique and fun” says Heather Thompson. Thompson usually has several outfit choices over the course of Halloween to keep things interesting.


To make DIY easier, it is nice to get your ideas from different social media platforms. These days, you can search anything and get a new idea for whatever you want. We have places like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter to help us get ideas for our everyday clothing to the next greatest Halloween costume. “… I usually go on Pinterest for inspiration and then take the ideas I find there and make something of my own…” says Claire Diller. Diller usually uses social media to come up with her different DIY projects and it helps her explore her creativity in a different way.


Why do we DIY? Some may think it is fun but for me, it is because it is most affordable. Jean Cook seems to think the same way. Cook says “It is more beneficial to DIY my costumes because then I don’t waste a lot of money on an outfit that I will only wear one time that year…” Going online and looking at costumes can be draining because of how expensive costumes can be.


My favorite part of Halloween is seeing what everyone else is doing. Diller, Thompson, and Cook were each able to give me ideas of what they are dressing up as this year. Diller says “A pineapple. Paint on a yellow shirt and make a headband that looks like the top of a pineapple…” Thompson says “This year I am going to be Trixie Tang from the Fairly Odd Parents.” Cook says “I am not exactly sure what I am going to be this year, but I am leaning towards Sandy from Grease…”

This year, I would like to present to you a DIY of the Rihanna Anti photo-shoot. Rihanna has played a huge role in street style and fashion in general. When trying to find an idea of a street style costume, Rihanna was the first thing that came to mind. I looked at Rihanna’s Anti photo-shoot as street style mostly because of the hair style that she presented in the shoot. She was also able to take the men’s style clothing and make it feminine. A lot of my street style inspiration comes from her.


Halloween is a lot of fun because a lot of people get involved. Some good ideas that would help for your DIY costumes is going to your near by thrift store and picking clothes that resemble your costume idea. Get creative and share your ideas with the crowd around you. Happy Halloween!




– Paige Phillips 

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