The Force is Female: Nike’s Newest Campaign

The force is female

As 2018 carries on, we are continuing to see a prevalence in the fight for women’s rights. Many companies have jumped on this issue and started campaigns to support the fight, the latest being Nike. Their campaign dropped with a new line of Nike’s popular Air Force 1’s. This line however, is something we’ve never seen from Nike before. The shoes are incredibly modern, and designed completely different than any other Air Force 1. The shoes include a range of high top varieties, slide on sneakers, and AF1 without shoelaces. All designs are very progressive and an exciting new look for Nike.

In addition to the new line of Air Forces, Nike dropped some clothing pieces to support their campaign. This includes t-shirts and sweatshirts, for men and women. The line is all about empowering women all over the world. Nike says “We are a new generation. A generation born with a realness, a braveness, a force. It’s that rule breaking, decision-making, name taking, don’t give a damn in all of us. It’s who we are. As one. As all. It’s the force. The force is female.” So go online and check out the garments, and support #TheForceisFemale.

  • Rachel Hogan

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