Yeezy Season 7: Myth or Reality

We all saw Yeezy Season 1 make a monumental impact on the fashion industry when it released on October 29th, 2015. Since then, Yeezy has produced six incredible seasons, all presented uniquely to the collection. Last year’s Season 6 provided us with a simple yet versatile earth tone collection (much like Season 2) which pleased the public but something new is needed, so where is the seventh season?

We first expected to see Season 6 during Paris Fashion Week although, Kanye was a no show. Quickly after Paris, small hints were shown to the public through social media outlets starting with Instagram. The Calabasas drop was a success along with leaked pictures of the Adidas YEEZY Powerhouse and soon after, Kim posted a casual picture of her new Mud Rat 500s.


Kanye knows how to catch the consumers attention and this season did just that. Campaigning was all over Instagram with Kim Kardashian West “look alikes,” wearing the sixth season. These lookalikes weren’t just rando’s either. We saw these looks on Instagram models like Jordyn Woods, Samimiro, and Paris Hilton, to name a few.


Following this epic season, we are anticipating a seventh season, but when and what? Rumors were spread by YEEZY MAFIA via Twitter; stating that stockists were invited to a showroom with nothing occupying the space. The account suggested there would be no new season and that Kanye was unable to achieve what he desired within this collection.


Kim quickly killed these rumors on Twitter, although she never confirmed a date.


Recently, Kanye updated the public with behind the scenes videos of the new collection via Twitter. “The clothes are relatively loose silhouettes with a lot of monotones. There seems to be a bit of ath-leisure colorful bits, though still something I feel like he’s done before,” states DonRaj Johnson, a student of OSU and contributor to the university’s fashion magazine DAMChic.


Based on last seasons looks, the promotion, and the new hints to season 7, what do you predict the outcome of this season? Release dates, looks, and inspiration, comment your ideas below, we want to know!

 – McKenna Zandecki

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