OSU Athletes’ Style: On and Off the Field

Everyone has their own personal style. When it comes to what students do for their major, hobbies, or extracurricular activities everyone wears clothing that they feel comfortable in. For student athletes Kolade Salaudeen and Daniela Vargas they chose to show a different side of their wardrobes. Kolade is a soccer player at Oregon State. His style is modern with a mixture of bright and dark colors. In an interview he expressed, “When going out I like to look a lot more flamboyant. My dressing style would be fitted jeans with fashionable shoes and a shirt that blends everything together.” Kolade explained the clothes he wore in the shoot showed his sense of style. The only things that were missing were jeans and fancier shoes. “I think people assume that because I’m an athlete I always wear workout clothes and beaver gear. I don’t usually wear beaver gear around campus so a lot of people wouldn’t think I’m an athlete.” Being a student athlete has influenced the clothes Kolade wears but he is also inspired by other soccer players and fashion styles in London where he is from.

Daniela Vargas is a volleyball player at Oregon State. Her style is traditional for Costa Rica, where she’s from. Daniela explained, “When I’m back home at the beach my favorite thing to wear is bohemian inspired outfits. I do love getting dressed up, my friends always joke around and say I overdress for everything, but is there really such a thing?” When she dresses up Daniela’s favorite outfit is high waisted jeans, a crop top, and hoop earrings. Daniela expressed that the outfit she wore to the shoot really reflected who she was. “People always assume that athletes are constantly wearing athletic clothes, so when we don’t it’s a surprise for them. Being an athlete is time consuming and it can affect what I wear on a day-to-day basis.” Daniela wishes she had the time and motivation to wear what she would actually like. No matter what students do everyone has their own unique sense of style.

– Yvette Chau 

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