Working Women

Simone Wilson

With the images from the Women’s March still circulating the internet and a national spotlight on women’s rights, you might be as overwhelmed with girl talk as Miss Hannigan from Annie. Or you might be watching it all in awe thinking, “You go, girls!” Whatever the case may be, we have four women that are taking strides to start up or continue to develop their own companies through it all. From magazines that began in dorm rooms, to medical apparel, to jewelry, it is clear that the future is anything far from a hard-knock life for these women.


Serena Guen—SUITCASE Magazine

Established in 2012, out of Serena Guen’s dorm room at NYU, this multi-media publication will have you re-evaluating the way you travel. The next time you book your flight, head over to and study up on what to wear as well as new companies you’ll discover at your destination. Or just flip through the archive of photo journals for when you save up enough money for that dream trip you’ve been planning.


Denise Paredes—Equal Uprise

Most people don’t quit their job after college to pursue what they truly care about. But Denise Paredes did, starting her own company that focuses on supporting local artisans from Ecuador and Tunisia. One quick scroll through will take you to an array of organically made blankets, rugs, baskets, hats, and backpacks, just to name a few. Support artisans while improving your wardrobe? Sounds like a win win to us.


Heather Hasson and Trina Spear—FIGS

Heather and Trina teamed up to create “anti-microbial, wrinkle resistant, stain repellent, and lint free” medical apparel after they realized how few options nurses within the medical field actually had for clothing. On top of this, for every scrub sold, the team gives away one set to a healthcare provider in need.


Rosh Mahtani—Alighieri Jewellery

Those of you who find yourself contemplating whether you will actually use your major in your future career can worry no longer. As a French and Italian literature major, Mahtani never imagined she would become a jewelry designer. But lucky for us, she did. With “mix-match earrings, charm bracelets, and medallion necklaces,” her designs are meant for the shopper who glorifies perfect imperfection. These small gems are sure to catch your eye.


These women are redefining what it means to be a working woman. It looks like it’s going to be a “You go girls!” from over here.


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