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Christopher Breaux; an influential artist, songwriter, singer, producer, and photographer. Better known as Frank Ocean. A man with endless talent pours his heart and soul into his music starting from mixtape, Nostalgia Ultra to most recent album, Blonde. Frank’s work encapsulates his life and experiences that almost anyone can relate to. The elusive artist gifted Blonde to the world on August 20th, 2016, four years after Channel Orange. The album dives deep into remembering the past, growing up, and dreaming of the future.

Ivy by Frank Ocean 

“I thought that I was dreaming when you said you love me

The start of nothing

I had no chance to prepare

I couldn’t see you coming”

Ivy, the second track within Blonde, kicks off with the opening lyrics mentioned above reminiscing about a love that wasn’t expected. The song explores what it’s like to grow up and make mistakes in relationships. Although Frank’s love interest within Ivy doesn’t have a happy ending, the feelings deep down are still good. In four minutes and nine seconds Frank reminds the listener that life comes at us fast and before we know it the moment has already passed. 

“We’ll never be those kids again.”


Pink + White by Frank Ocean

“That’s the way everyday goes

Every time we have no control”

Pink + White, the third track on the album Blonde and goes in depth with memories from Ocean’s childhood in New Orleans, Louisiana. The song highlights a person that was once close to Ocean who passed away. The lyrics describe how this person showed Frank ways to enjoy Hurricane Katrina by jumping off milk crates into the flood lines and other summer activities. More importantly this person showed the child version of Frank how to love.

“You showed me love

Glory from above”


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