Styles of the ASA

Zahra Joseph & Paige Phillips

Each year, the African Student Association (ASA) holds Afrikan Roots, a campus event intended to share African culture with the students across different cultural backgrounds. The night showcased dance performances, singing, facts about Africa, and a fashion show to featuring traditional African clothing.

ASA’s mission is to foster close and friendly relationships among African students of the diaspora and OSU and to promote better understanding between the OSU community and Africans of the Diaspora. They serve and educate the Oregon State community about African history, traditions, customs, and happenings as well as bringing together students of African descent or from the various countries of Africa to come together to create a home away from home. Below are some of the looks featured in the Afrikan Roots event and what cultural dress means to individuals of this community.


Sebbontu Ashenafi

“My cultural clothing makes me feel connected to my ancestors. These cultural clothing have been passed down from one generation to another for hundreds of years. Even when everything starts to change and fade the clothing always stay the same.”


Fatima Ali

Senior, Public Health

“Fashion is a part of our culture & it’s more than a pretty dress.”


Dimitri Kiabilua

MBA, Corporate Finance

“My aim to seamlessly mix in traditional clothing with a modern street wear.”


Deborah Nsien

Freshman, Mechanical Engineering

“Dressing in my traditional attire where ever I might be is a representation of who I am and where I came from at that point in time I am an ambassador  of where I come an I take pride in that, most importantly it brings a sense of unity that no matter what was going through or what we’ve gone through we are still one.”


Hanan Yassin 

Senior, Public Health

“Wearing my cultural clothing helps me feel connected to my history. My cultural clothing symbolizes who I am and where I come from.”


Renee Aimba

First-year, Electrical & Computer Engineering 

“Africa’s cultural attire maybe be called Kitenge, Ankara or traditional lace in different parts of the continent, but one thing they all share is their unique prints and colors which show how vibrant and creative we can be as a continent. I love this about it.”


Ifeoma Ozoede

First-year, Chemical Engineering

“My cultural clothing represents where I’m from so, it is essentially a part of my identity and, who I am as an individual in society. I would just like to say how much I absolutely adore that.”

Reine Messina

Second-year, Accounting & Finance

“Wearing my cultural clothes fills me up with emotions that I will never be able to describe. It makes me remember who I am, where I come from, and most importantly my values.”

Abdulbasit Haruna

Freshman, Business Administration & Management 

Special thanks to ASA for sharing their culture with the Oregon State University campus. 

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