Stay Humble, Have Hustle

by Kendall Dalton

A look into the life of fashion blogger Marisa Chen

For many students at Oregon State University, fashion is used as an outlet to express themselves. Their inspirations are heavily influenced by their environment, peers and social media. Although these influences are evident, students ultimately choose to wear whatever makes them feel confident.

College students are known for having a predictable and comfortable style consisting of  sweatpants, oversized crewnecks and leggings. While wearing basic staples may the style of some students, that’s not the case for all.

Fashion blogger Marisa Chen, is one college student that creates thoughtful looks and has an obvious love for fashion. Marisa is a third-year student studying merchandising management at Oregon State. Aside from being a full time student, Chen also runs her own fashion blog called Marisa Kay. Her blog consists of styling tips, photo galleries and brand collaboration pieces.

She started her blog in 2016, her freshman year of college. Chen knew that with her major it was important to build a strong portfolio that captures her personality and style knowledge. The blog itself demonstrates her creative abilities, merchandising knowledge, and has allowed her to establish her personal brand.

Chen frequently styles denim, cozy black sweaters and moto jackets. When shopping, neutral colors are her go-to because they are clean, simple and elegant. She describes her style as elevated basics with a special touch of her own. “I am a fan of staples and pieces that you can wear basically with anything and everything, but it always has to have a special touch to it that makes it a little bit different,” Chen says.



 She explains that becoming a blogger has definitely affected her style, it helps remind her that it’s important to be cautious and aware of how she presents herself to others. “My blog is my professional life and is also my personal life. So it has made me really aware of how I present myself and that I am portraying the best version of myself when someone sees me because I believe first impressions are everything,” says Chen.

Chen often looks to other bloggers she follows on Instagram for style inspiration and content ideas. “I follow a lot of people who wear either designer or just something that I can’t necessarily afford, but the way that they put together their pieces is really inspiring,” she says.

Lydia Millen, a British fashion blogger, is one of Chen’s favorite style icons. Millen is known for mixing both designer and non-designer items in her personal wardrobe. This creates a sophisticated, yet approachable look. “I think it’s just taking pieces from very well curated bloggers and then making it my own in a more affordable and attainable way,” Chen explains.

Just like many other students, Chen mentions how for her eight am classes she will most likely be wearing yoga pants, but by mid-morning you can catch her in jeans and her favorite heeled booties. “I feel my style stands out in the way that I put together my outfits because I do strive to have relatable style that any college student can wear,” says Chen. “I think it’s just about finding either whatever outlet or person that resonates with you the most and then being able to put your personalized spin on it.”

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