Cultura Curentena

by Aaron Sanchez

How time spent at home served as a reminder of the beauty and power of a LatinX identity.


This set of photos is meant to express maintaining culture during the quarantine. Cultura Curentena is meant to communicate the importance of embracing your culture. In a time of isolation, I found myself looking at my mother’s old family pictures and picking up on old Hispanic fashion trends and mixing them with modern day fashion. Alongside fashion, I incorporated religious symbols, such as The Virgen de Guadalupe, who is a Catholic title of the blessed Virgin Mary. Growing up La Virgen was a symbol of hope and comfort for my community, her form decorates candles and necklaces and is present at every event from wedding to funeral. La Virgen was something that was always around in my household and being back at home reminds me of my own identity and the importance of the Latinx community. Religion is something carried in my family’s roots for hundreds of years as it has given us strength and hope. While in quarantine I can take the time to remember who I am and how beautiful my background is.

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