Artist Feature: Griffin Spurr

Griffin & Tenen performing at Bombs Away Cafe. 

On Saturday June 20th, 15 local artists teamed up with 23rd Street Records to put on livestream remote viewing experience. The event, Music For Justice, raised over $1,200 dollars, towards the Black Lives Matter Global Network. Host and producer of the record label, Griffin Spurr, shared with us some inside scoop on the live stream process. 

Spurr, much like many other restless creatives, was moved by the disheartening impressions on the current treatment of BIPOC. Motivated to engage their platform to boost a message, he says that “As a hip hop record label inspired by Black culture it is my responsibility to acknowledge that and help make difference.” 

Using the power of social media, Spurr was able to prove that just because you cannot turn up to the physical demonstrations, does not mean that you are ineligible to make a physical impact on the movement. Music For Justice was all about creative brainstorming, local networking, and branching their roots in Corvallis, Portland, and Los Angeles. 

The current movement in Portland is dedicated to connecting and sharing Black experiences. Portland based rapper, Swiggle Mandela has been performing at several demonstrations these past weeks. In the social justice sphere, music and art transcend many dimensions to help connect creatives. From the frontline drumline that has been able to inject soul and morale into the protests, to the graffiti artists, to the floral enthusiasts, and to the graphic designers that have been creating posters and pledges for BLM. This movement is united by the creatives, builders, healers, and visionaries.

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