In this card model, Sharona, wears a sapphire indigo Worthingotn and St. John outfit, entirely from hand-me-downs or $1 roadside finds, paired with a white vintage leather Commit jacket. Carrying only the knapsack on her staff.The inspiration for this photo was promoted by the International Women’s Day (IWD) 2020 theme: “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights.” The beautiful and mighty goddess, Venus, reflects the color of IWD. Purple Indigo, symbolises dignity and justice, the core values that IWD aims to achieve for all women across the world.

Director and writer: Jessica Thompson Photographer: Jade Webster

Dissecting the philosopher’s brain that same three ontological questions ruminate for milenia: (1) Where did we come from? (2) Who are we? (3) Where are we going? 

At this rate humanity has 2 fates impending Armageddon or a new age of peace and technology.

The tilt of the earth’s axis traces a circular path in the sky. The equinoxes follow a similar path, completing the circle every 26,000 years, our solar systems pass through highly energetic geometric boundaries. This is called the processions of the equinox, the Yuga Cycle, epoch, and now the position is slowly transitioning from the masculine Age of Pisces to the dawning Age of Aquarius.

Many cultures have prophesied this event, The Great Solar Flash, Sāṁvartaka Fire, Frashokereti, Ekpyrosi, and The Rainbow Prophecy.

It is clear to see our ancestors worried about the future just as much as we do. While we use divination tools like tarot cards and akashic readings, scientists and meteorologist, temples and runes to find what awaits us in the next season. Those who went before us relied on the tools and synchronicities around them to divine the future and perhaps influence it. 

We must remember the 6 Paramitas, or Perfections: (1) Generosity, (2) Morality, (3) Patience, (4) Determination, (5) Mediation, and (6) Wisdom.

“You are everything, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love and light. You are. This is the Law of One.”

— Ra, from his publication, The Ra Material (1984)

Twentieth century theoretical physicist, Paul Dirac, once said “Pick a flower on Earth and move the farthest star.” 

In this piece, Joseph Campbells, The Hero’s Journey, will be forlayed through tarot card renditions. Our protagonist follows the narrative; call to adventure, refusal of call, meeting the mentor, crossing the threshold, test of character, dark night of the soul, seizing the treasure, a victorious return, healing resurrection, and the return of invaluable wisdom.

The Fool plucks the white rose untouched by the world. The Fool card is numbered 0, which is considered to be a number of infinite potential. She is the symbol of innocence, her intense journey ahead will come to shape her character yet. She inspires courage, for she understands that every day is a chance to open up new areas in your life, and with that comes a mixture of anticipation, wonder, awe and curiosity. The Fool is there to show us that you can never really tell what lies ahead, and you can only greet it with joy. In the upright she can represent a breath of fresh air however, a reversed Fool can mean recklessness and rose-tinted glasses.

The next card in the reading depicts the 9th card in the Major Arcana deck, The Hermit.  She moves away from interpersonal relationships and public recognition. She turns inwardly to follow the path of least resistance. Looming behind the dark night she follows her steady stream of golden light. Seeking the need to not be limited to traditional wisdom and solidly rooted in her understanding of one’s true self. In her 1998 novel, “The Custodians: Beyond Abduction,”world-renowned hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon once said, “We will find that there are other planes of existence, other dimensions and other universes existing side by side with this one. Once you have removed the blinders that impede our progress, we will know that we are only limited by our imaginations,” The Hermit has discovered the esoteric and ancient knowledge that is spherical consciousness, sacred geometry, astral frequencies, etc.

The next fallen card in this reading is the Lady Justice, she represents balanced thought and action. This card tells us to restore our equilibrium. The scales of past and future remain unbalanced. This card calls you to have critical reflection of our current systems of justice, capitalist greed, social inequality, racial disparity, and poverty. Hold on to honesty, transparency, and strong foundations. Rid yourself of all the fragilities that have been engrained through institutionalized imitation virtues.

Once justice is received, humanity can move forward to receive the spiritual seeds of fruition. The High Priestess stands guard at a magical threshold and possesses deep secrets, wisdom, and answers. Gatekeeper of the divine realm, Sharona, sits majestically on her throne as an incarnation of the Ancient Egyptian mother, Goddess Isis. In the Harvard Theological Review, Vol. 75, Canadian religious studies professor, John S. Kloppenborg, explains in his piece “Isis and Sophia in the Book of Wisdom,” that the Goddess Isis “was not subject to Fate, and she exercised her considerable powers in aid of farmers, seamen, marriages, and women. She provided knowledge, wealth, and immortality to her devotees. This is the Isis of the aretalogies, the poems and hymns,” and of the cross-cultural philosophers such as Plutarch, Mesomedes, and the Supreme Sage Solomon.

In the first century BC, the book “The Wisdom of Solomon,” served as a, a protreptic, it was intended as instructional to preach the dangers of falling away from divine creation. The headdress of Hathor (the Goddess of Fertility) is a crown of cow horns and a solar disk. The cow horns are symbolic of abundance, resurrection, and the cosmos. Her radiating chest represents her rainbow light body living within and her powers to ascend into the higher worlds.

After undergoing all acts of transformation the final form is, The Star. Her left hand represents the subconscious, with the water nourishing the earth and continuing the cycle of fertility in the lush landscape around her. In her right hand, consciousness pours water giving birth to all sensation. She engages in a purification ritual, letting go of that which no longer serves her and instead embracing the flow of life. The Star card is also marked by a single large star, symbolizing her enlightened essence, and seven smaller stars, which represent the chakras and our subtle energy. She represents the coming of a new dawn that will ascend into the cosmos to join our star families.

Across the multidimensional realms we’ve traveled. Traversing the darkest depths of consciousness and risen. Into the Light of Truth we return with timeless wisdom. World events seemingly showing us chaotic realities, we must together focus our energy and thoughts into positive manifestations to move past this dying paradigm.

Appreciate that esoteric and occult knowledge will help aid and assist in an imminent planetary shift where the vibration of the planet will lift; from a third density physical existence to a fourth density spirit essence. A transition from egoic fear-based reality to unconditional love. Admit. Let go. Surrender. Receive. Share. There is no room fro evil intentions. WE are the knowledge and light that is here to stay and flourish into the New Earth. We are One.

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