Model Rae Ma poses in a techwear inspired outfit.

Director, writer and photographer: Claire Nelson Illustrator: Lanikai Yatomi Stylist: Kelsey Bigelow Models: Rae Ma and Enya Cochren

A rising niche street fashion trend, techwear has grown rapidly for its functionality and sleek style. Yet techwear is also a statement of dress. Techwear is a style of fashion which notes a sense of post-futurism and minimalism.

A relatively neutral and dark color palette, the style signifies a sense of anonymity as the wearer blends in with the society around them. With the current state and population of the world, it is understandable to want to adapt into your environment. This futuristic style is viewed mainly as monochromatic and layered. Highlighted by buckles, straps, zippers and masks. Stylish for its range of motion, with comfort in layers and less restrictive clothing, it is well liked by all for its relatively gender neutral style options.

Since its huge popularity growth in 2018, techwear continues to evolve as it has traveled into mainstream fashion from Asian streetwear under the neon lights of Tokyo and Seoul, to a new blend of the concrete urban streetwear in New York.

As 2020 was shaken with large societal change, so will the fashion world. The technical and versatile construction of the clothing make it adaptable to everyday casual. While the anonymity and protection of masks are at an all time high and will continue to be prominent for seasons to come.

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