MAD MAX(imalism)

With the rise in statement makeup looks, in part due to social media like TikTok and perhaps even some shows like Euphoria, interest in ways to make makeup pop has increased. 


To help you get started, here are 4 ideas and how to implement them to level up your looks. For each of these looks, it’s recommended that you start with a base of makeup already on, as these should be more of the final touches. Basic steps for a simple base include: primer, concealer, foundation, setting powder and setting spray. 


Our first funky recommended accessory to add dimension is pearls. Pearls are a great way to add some extra bling to any makeup look. A good place to find flat-backed pearls is at your local craft store. Bonus points for  if you can find ones with adhesive already on them. If you can’t find the ones with adhesive, grab some lash glue instead. Finally, use some sort of tweezers or placement tool.


Placement ideas include: one pearl on the inner part of the eyelid, under your eyes, right above your cheek, lips and lining your brows.


Line Art

Makeup trends like graphic liner have been huge lately. With lots of growth and spikes in google searches for “graphic liner” since the pandemic. The fun part about line art makeup is that it can be as abstract as you want; get creative with shapes and colors. Normally, to follow the graphic liner look, you can use actual liners or even setting spray and eyeshadow. For a more unique line art look, try thicker lines, ombre colors, monochromatic or using concealer,



Gold Foil

Gold foil can add a lot of dimension because of its flakiness. To get that flaky look, try looking for foil that’s already broken up into pieces, but if you want more control over flaky/smoothness and size of the foil, get foil sheets. Using lash glue or even something like vaseline will work. Placement ideas: eyebrows, lips, collar bone, speckled in your eyeshadow, or where you put highlighter above your cheek.




There are so many creative ways to add flowers to your look. One being dried pressed flowers because of how easily they can be placed over your face and makeup. If you have the time, try dry-pressing your own flowers. However, for convenience on color, size, and time you can buy some from a craft store or online. They come in assorted colors, so you have a variety of colors and types of floral. Like the other methods mentioned, use lash glue to stick them on, and to create added dimension try layering them. 


Placement ideas include: a small flower on some false lashes, lips, eyelids, brows, and small ones as freckles. 

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