Ballad Of An Identity Crisis

We all live simultaneously in 3 planes of understanding that we are spiritual creatures; we have an intellect, and we live in physical bodies. But because we deeply lack awareness of who we are and the nature of our capabilities, we are locked into a physical world. And we let things outside of us control us (i.e. God, money, and fate).

95 percent of people don’t even realize they are reacting to life and not actually living at all.

How is one supposed to control their sense of belonging when its original foundation is deeply seated in the hegemony that props up social expectations and consumer status? Every few years we are forced to reassess with the ebb and flow of our geopolitical state(s), it always comes running back, full force. What is it about crisis that makes us question everything we once thought we knew about ourselves and our identity?

Model: Solomon Landsberg (Jacob Le)

The pandemic confronted me to several things about myself and how I valued the world around me. Navigating our intersectional identities in the past year has forced us to face the confounding reality of our racial, gender, and age identities etc. during a global pandemic and Black activist movement.

Model: Solomon Landsberg (Jacob Le)

For years I have struggled with my appearance and consolidating my different identities. Understanding how I felt internally was a true reflection of the toxicity of my surrounding environment. Yearning for validation and attention but taking every chance to shield my face from the outside world. I wish I was comfortable in my own skin. Shameful, realizing how privileged I sound given my retrospective analysis on my experience with the matrix of oppression.

But what is it that lies at my core? Profoundness, impact, and time is all we have in this life. Don’t let it slip between your fingers.

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