For the Love of Soft Suedes

For the Love Of Soft Suedes

By: Irina Sergeyva


My must have lip colors in matte are NYX Liquid Suede in Brooklyn Thorn and NYX Matte lipstick in Minx. Brooklyn Thorn is such a unique color because depending on the lighting it can be perceived as light brown, an off purple, or a deep grey. It, like most of my favorite lipsticks, is a liquid to matte. This essentially means that I wore this for 8 hours at work, had a quick lunch break in the middle, and never had to even think about reapplying.

Minx is a traditional matte lipstick, in a neutral to light brown. Because of my light skin it looks more caramel colored on me, but some could wear this is a plain neutral lip. I love the soft brown color of this lipstick so much because pairs perfectly with almost every color. It does not have the same staying power as Brooklyn Thorn but because it’s more of a neutral, it’s hard to notice when it starts to fade. This is the perfect lipstick for a night out when you wouldn’t want to reapply often.


I adore the fact that matte nails have been in this season, but like most girls I am rather fickle, I want as many options as possible because I never really know what I want. So with nails I cheat a bit by using the OPI Matte Top Coat. Every color can be matte one day, and glossy the next. You can create chic and subtle patterns of the same color on your nails by applying or withholding the matte top coat. I chose to pair it with my favorite dark blue from OPI, This Blue Is So You. As a matte this colors becomes very deep, and rich, almost black. This is the perfect color to pair with a vibrant red to make a statement. The top coat is also long lasting, so your nails stay matte and unchipped for about  week.


There are a million eyeliners out there, and I probably own all of them. As someone with deep set eyes and medium sized eyelids I have always struggled with smudge lines. With L’Oriel’s Infallible Matte Matic I don’t really have to worry about smudge lines. This rich dark black is perfect for creating a standout cateye. I also enjoy the fact that this is a mechanical pencil, meaning I don’t have to worry about sharpeners. This eyeliner is precise enough to create a winged eyeliner look but I would recommend using a brush to create those sort of crisp lines. It also has some serious lasting power. I can wear this on a rainy day, get soaked, and still have perfect unsmudged lines.


Picking the perfect fall matte eyeshadow is both harder and easier than ever. There are so many wonderful makeup brands putting out beautiful product. I know that I can always trust MAC cosmetics to put out the best quality products. Embark in matte is a rich dark chocolate brown color, perfect for fall. It goes on creamy, smooth, and can hold it’s own as a single shadow or be paired with a lighter shade. Shadowy Lady could not be a more perfect name for a dark plum matte eyeshadow. This is the perfect shade when you’re feeling some deep and vampy fall vibes. I often wear this color on it’s own, as a fall plum smokey eye. Both of these shadows need a little extra blending due to their creamy matte finish, but once on they stay perfectly in place without fading for hours.


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