Interview the Designer Behind the Looks in “Into The Woods”

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By: Kristy McInnis

The ROUGE: MINX is a local shop based in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. This one- woman show is run by the amazing Anna Marie Cooper, who has been selling her products for ten years. Self taught in the clothing industry, Copper is directly involved with all of the designs, making her own unique prints, as well as full garments. All designs are produced locally in Portland ensuring her garments are created in safe working conditions. Cooper is an advocate of ethical fashion and strongly believes in female empowerment. After sitting down one afternoon with Cooper DAMchic got the inside scoop on her creative process.


DAMchic: Describe your creative process regarding your latest pieces in your shop?

Anna Marie Cooper: I start with different inspiration for every collection. Sometimes it all begins with a photo or a story.  Other times it is a fabric or a twist on previous designs that give me ideas.

DC: Tell me about a piece of clothing that makes you feel the most proud?

AMC: It changes from every piece I make. My new favorite is the Drifter top! It is a really unique piece that goes with everything,  but it is also comfortable and easy to wear. That’s the hard part about designing – it is easy to make unique pieces, but making them comfortable and wearable as well can be extremely difficult.

DC: Where do you pull your inspiration from when creating a launch of a line?

AMC: There is definitely a certain type of girl and a certain type of life that I design for. When I design a collection I think about what those types of people would wear. Once I have a few cool ideas I expand off of those until I have a complete collection.

DC: Can you tell us more about your design background? Designing never ends so how do u learn and grow your knowledge?

AMC: I am actually completely self-taught. I started sewing when I was in college and started by altering vintage clothes and old band T-shirts. Eventually, I got better to the point where I realized I was able to make clothes from scratch. Since then I’ve learned pattern-making, production, and a whole list of other skills. More importantly, I learned how to edit, how to make things comfortable and wearable in a day to day basis.

DC: What is your future of design? Or your next big thing?

AMC:  I want to move into swimwear! The moonrise crop top and underwear would be amazing as a swimsuit, and I love the idea of making a swimsuit that isn’t all palm trees and/or flowers.


You can shop all of Anna Marie Cooper’s looks at

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