Burnt Orange & Beautiful

Taken from NYFW 

Amanda Nelson

        Looking for a new way to enhance the look of your tan ? Want to spice up your closet full of neutrals? Look no further! The burnt orange fashion trend has been more popular than ever this winter and will continue to coast right into early spring. As seen worn by fashion icon Kendall Jenner and other celebrities. This playful shade has endless possibilities; rock a burnt orange cape jacket, a sexy dress or a basic tee to go with your own person style.

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1970’s Style

     First seen in the 1970’s this earthy tone came back once again in 2015 on the runway by houses like Fendi, Celine and Zara and now it is on the rise again. This look isn’t just for the runway, you can dress it up or dress it down and can be incorporated with other earthy tones for a subtle pop of color.

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2017 Style

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Photo taken from: Apartment34.com and Pinterest 

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