Step Up your Sock Game

Jordan Farris

      Socks are often overlooked. They serve a utilitarian function more than anything else, with their second-most important feature being whether they are black or white. Beyond that, it is safe to say that the average person doesn’t think twice about buying generic, no-name socks that fit like potato sacks. So why should you care? Because in the world of designer clothing, socks are never overlooked. Here’s a quick list of some socks you can go out and purchase to elevate your outfit one more level.


     Starting off the list, from arguably the biggest fashion label out right now, is a pair of “Diag Cotton Socks” from Off-White. They feature a white cotton body with the famous stripe pattern they are known for in black. These won’t set you back too bad, clocking in at a meager $46 a pair.

      Another powerhouse in the high fashion world, Gucci, offers their own take on luxury socks. The “White Tiger Socks” are a pair of calf-high white tube socks, featuring a tiger motif on the sides, and classic green and red gucci stripes along the calf. Both elegant and trendy, these socks cost only a fraction of the matching sneakers at $105.

      Not impressed? Still looking to flex those socks even harder? Vetements has your covered. Blurring the lines between sock and shoe are the cult-classic “Lighter-Heel Sock Ankle Boots”. They look like socks, but they also look like shoes. And with a big lighter as the heel, how could you go wrong? These thought-provoking heels will set you back a bit more than a normal pair of socks however, coming in at an alarming $1150.

       But of course, what good is spending over a grand on socks if you don’t know how to style them? An easy way to show them off without having to buy much else is by rolling up your pants a couple cuffs and wearing some simple low top sneakers. These could be stan smiths, chucks, achilles lows, etc. You want anything that doesn’t fight for attention with the socks and instead actually compliments them. Another option is always cropped trousers or shorts, especially seeing that warmer weather is upon us. That being said, next time you look down at your feet and see nothing but lumpy knit tubes, you might consider spending up and dropping a paycheck on some not-as-lumpy designer tubes.


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