5 Items Both Men & Women Can Rock

Trends for Men and Women

Jesse Deerwester

Fashion is a way that one expresses themselves through either clothes or accessories. Although there are specific styles geared towards one gender, there are numerous styles that anyone can wear regardless of one’s gender identity.

1. Chelsea Boots


These boots are closed fitting ankle boots, with a loop or tag on the back to help pull on the shoe. Chelsea boots are perfect for everyday and evening wear. This style is dated back to 1837 and was designed for Queen Victoria to have a boot that could be slipped on and off while using minimal effort. Today, the Chelsea boot is extremely popular and offers a variety of styles and colors to fit anyone’s aesthetic.

2. Leather Jackets

The leather jacket is a classic staple piece that should be in everyone’s wardrobe. The jacket can be dressed up or down and putting one on elevates any outfit. Connected back to World War II, it was worn by the military and pilots, and was known as the “Bomber Jacket”. It was a great jacket to protect one from the extreme weather climate. The bomber (leather) jacket became a favorable piece due to its insulation and warmth. Today, the leather jacket is both functional and fashionable providing one the best of both worlds in the sense of warmth and style.

3. Watches

Watches are sleek accessories that could be worn with any outfit. It’s not only a fashion piece to go with a person’s clothing, but it’s also practical and useful in situations where pulling out one’s phone to check the time is inappropriate. Prices vary from elite to bargain bin, but regardless of what designer a person is wearing, the functionality of checking the time is still the same, no matter if you’re rocking a Rolex or a Geneva.

4. Ripped Jeans

Your parents, grandparents, or family members may have made comments about how ridiculous you are for purchasing already ripped jeans, but it is considered a fashion statement that seems to never go completely out of style. Distressed jeans became a popular style during the 80’s and 90’s in the rock/heavy metal era and progressed to a style that can be worn by anyone no matter the aesthetic. Although ripped jeans are usually worn more casually than formal, adding a nice blazer or leather jacket can really take your outfit of the day to a new level. It’s a style no matter what gender identity a person identifies with can pull off with ease, you just gotta have confidence! 

5. Infinity Scarves


Infinity scarves are accessories that can be worn by multiple genders, and not just women. A popular trend during colder months throughout the year, it’s an infinite loop made from a variety of fabric and materials that is used for warmth and style. Origin of the infinity scarf is unknown, but the original plain old scarf was used in the Ancient Roman time to wipe the sweat off men’s faces rather than used for fashion or insulation purposes. The infinity scarf has only been around for a few years, but it seems like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon with constant new varieties made every season.

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