Designer Profile: Street Etiquette

Simone Wilson-Men’s Brand Profile.Street Etiquette

Simone Wilson

In high school, when Travis Gumbs and Josh Kissi took to the internet to find something bigger than the style they found in the halls of their school in Mount Vernon, N.Y., they didn’t know they would be creating the foundation for an empire, Street Etiquette.

An empire that is still expanding to this day. Originally a hodgepodge blog of aesthetically pleasing visuals, Street Etiquette has taken a turn in a new direction, evolving into a Creative Agency. Their website, no less aesthetically pleasing than before, lists the many services they now provide, ranging anywhere from brand consultation, to photography/visuals, to styling. What really sets this duo apart, however, is their strength in storytelling.

There is no doubt that each piece of clothing they incorporate into their projects and everyday style gives purpose to a greater meaning: establishing cultural pride. Gumbs and Kissi are at the forefront of a new era in black style that utilizes tailored suits and accessories to make political statements. It is evident that picking out an outfit is a source of dignity for these two men, and it is truly inspiring. 

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