Are Women’s Sheer Tops Too Provocative?

By: Natalie Saltares

What happens when fashion meets nudity? Both celebrities and females around the country are becoming more comfortable leaving their homes in fashion pieces that leave little to the imagination. Women are starting to wear tops that may expose bras worn underneath the see through tops, or expose the naked skin with nothing but a sheer top covering it. Often times this look is paired with distressed boyfriend jeans to give the look an edgier vibe.


Is this a cry for attention, or a new found self-love for the beauty that is the human body? For the most part, sheer tops and their provocative aesthetics conjure up different opinions based on personal opinions and values. Many are embracing the trend regardless of popular opinion. Jade Leach defines sheer tops as, “[A]n ideal option for showing the perfect hint of skin while still covering up.” Those wanting to embrace this trend do not have to go completely nude. If you are afraid to show too much skin, rock the look with a nude tank top or a cute bralette underneath.

Good fashion trends are always controversial before they are popular. In 2014 Kendall Jenner walked down the runway in a sheer Marc Jacobs V-neck that exposed every inch of her breasts. It was a huge deal, but now people have warmed up to the idea of moderate nudity and are embracing the trend.

The human body is not something that we should be ashamed of. It takes a lot of confidence to wear tops that expose parts that make you feel vulnerable. It is important to feel comfortable in your own skin, so wear a sheer top and let the world learn how to be comfortable with you.

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