Carved Eyebrows, To Wear or to Not Wear?

There have been some crazy beauty trends in the past, but now we have one that’s really pushing the boundaries of the accepted beauty routine: Carved eyebrows. It has been all over Instagram and everyone is talking about it. But is it really something you would wear out in public or just something that is fun to do?


Personally, I think that it’s a pretty cool trend, but would I wear it out in public? If I am going to party or any sort of glamorous event, definitely. Though, I know for some, this look may be a little too daring for them. However, this is just another way that beauty is evolving. Maybe in a few years this will be common. Some  may think that the makeup community is running out of ideas, and scraping the bottom of the barrel, but I don’t believe this to be true. I think that this is just another way that people are trying to express themselves.


Since this trend is so new, none of the famous beauty gurus like Jaclyn Hill, Nicki Tutorials, or Jeffree Star have had a chance to talk about their opinions on the look. The beauty community will be more willing to accept the trend once they see that people they look up to have approved of the idea. This happened a couple years ago; highlighting wasn’t as big as it is now, carved eyebrows may become more accepted. That being said, the trend may die just as fast as it came to be. This look can be something worn to festivals, but once festival season is over who knows if it will stick around?


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