Designer Profile: Virgil Abloh

A designer, creative director, and DJ makes for a busy lifestyle to say the least.  What makes Virgil Abloh stand out from the rest is his work ethic and accomplishments over the past decade.  He says “I suck at sleeping” and with only 24 hours in a day, he must have no time for sleep if he even could. He also hasn’t taken a vacation in over three years. Virgil graduated with a degree in civil engineering and went on to get his masters in architecture has gone on to open his own store RSVP Gallery, collaborate on Been Trill, collaborate with Kanye West on tour merchandise and album covers and lastly creating Off-White , a street wear brand in 2013, just to name a few.

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With clothing always being something he is working with, he says, “Clothing interests me, but it’s not the endpoint of my interest. My interest is to build a brand that means something of value”. This is something that separates him as a designer and the brands he collaborates with. He has a goal to blend streetwear and high fashion. He also wants to empower men and women. He stands for bigger changes than just putting out clothing and that is nothing traditional.

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