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DIY Halloween Costumes

So Halloween is right around the corner, and your friends keep asking you what you are going to be this year. For months, you have been thinking of costume ideas but still can’t decide what to dress up as. Well reality is, Halloween is in TWO DAYS! Save yourself the trouble of buying an expensive pre-made costume, it’s time to turn to your closet for some inspiration! Check out these five easy costumes you’re guaranteed to find in your closet.

Wednesday Addams:

A little black dress can go a long way. Dressing up as Wednesday Addams can be the easiest costume to replicate for women. All you need is: a black dress or black skirt and cardigan, a button-down white shirt, black tights or black knee-high socks and black shoes.


Rosie the Riveter:

This costume can be easily put together with basic pieces from your wardrobe. All you need is a pair of jeans, a denim button-up shirt, red Converse or combat boots, red lipstick, bobby pins, and a red bandanna. The iconic Rosie the Riveter represents America’s working women in factories and shipyards during World War II while the men were off to war.




Grease: Bad Sandy

Going as Sandy is pretty easy; time to bring out your flattering black pieces.  For this costume you need a black leather jacket, a tight black shirt (preferably off-the-shoulder), long black leggings, a black belt, red heels, hoop earrings and red lipstick. The main objective for this costume is that it has to be tight. To finish the look, add dark eye makeup and curl your hair and tease it as high as it will go!





This is probably one of the most versatile costumes that you have in your closet. All you need is a denim skirt, jeans, or shorts, plaid shirt or even a white or paisley dress. Then finish it off with a cowboy hat, boots, and bandana (optional).  





To create the perfect scarecrow look, all you need is a pair of jeans or overalls, a plaid shirt, a tan floppy hat (straw hat preferred) and boots or black Converse. For the face makeup, use black eyeliner to create lines on the sides of the mouth and a patch on the nose. For some color, use blush to create bright pink circles on your cheeks and bright red lipstick.


 – Brittany Bell


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