Velvet Accessories for the Fall and Winter Seasons

As the weather gets colder, we are constantly looking for comfortable and warm outfit ideas. This season, velvet is the perfect fashion piece to keep you warm. It is known for its soft texture and luster. Since velvet is a weightier fabric, it will keep you warm and protect you from the chilly weather.

Velvet scrunchies are accessories that are making a definite comeback. Scrunchies are a throwback to the ‘80s and ‘90s and add a retro element to your look. When paired with your fall sweaters and jackets, velvet scrunchies add an extra pop to your hairstyle, and the texture of the velvet adds another level to your outfit.

Velvet handbags are another must for your fall wardrobe. Not only is velvet incredibly lux-looking, but is also inexpensive when compared to leather. Velvet backpacks are another great accessory for the fall and winter season as well, for they are the ideal way to spruce up your average jeans and sweater combo. Layering rich textures and colors is what the fall season is all about, and adding a velvet backpack to your ensemble gives off an unexpected flair.

Velvet scarves and chokers are also a fashion staple that you should have for the fall and winter seasons. These accessories will keep your neck warm as well as add some flare to your outfit. From skinny to thick and chunky, velvet scarves and chokers can come in all sizes. Velvet beanies and hats are also great accessories for the cold weather because they will keep your head warm while simultaneously stepping up your outfit to the next level. The deep and rich texture of velvet adds both a seasonal element as well as magical feel to your outfit.



Mixing and matching velvet accessories with edgier materials such as denim provides for a more chic and bold outfit statement. Velvet is a unique and one-of-a-kind fabric that manages to make any clothing piece look luxurious and glamorous as well as edgy and fun. Some of the most popular colors in velvet that combine really well with other types of fabrics are dark green, midnight blue, red, dark purple, pink and yellow. For more ideas on how to style velvet accessories with your fall wardrobe, just look on Pinterest for cute and stylish ideas!

 -Brittany Bell

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