Creative Makeup Makes Great Costumes

Halloween Makeup

Don’t have any inspiration for what you should be this Halloween? Want to add a little more to your costume, or perhaps you do not have a costume at all? Well, this Halloween makeup could be your game changer. People have become quite creative using simple makeup to create impressive halloween costumes.

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There are numerous tutorials online showcasing how to make makeup your costume statement. Instagram celebrities and YouTube stars like Nikkie de Jager, PatrickStarrr, Bretman Rock, or Daisy Marquez  have showed the public different makeup tutorials for possible halloween ideas, highlighting the power of makeup and the illusions it can create.


Whether you are going for a frightening look or not,  make up can be used in such innovative ways to produce costumes as showcased below. With simple eyeliner, an eyeshadow palette, and some brushes, there are many ways to approach your halloween costume. Looks can range anywhere from fake blood and fangs to Disney characters all thanks to a little makeup.


 – Araceli Ortiz 

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