Walk a Mile in THESE Shoes

Walk a Mile in THESE Shoes pic

As time goes on we are seeing heels get higher, and higher, and higher…and not to mention more artistic. Here are four trends we found, would you risk your ankles to wear them?

EXTRA Tall Platforms: 

Platforms are tall to begin with, but this year we are expecting them to be EVEN taller. Check out these platform platforms (did we mention they are platforms?)

The Sky High Thigh:

We’ve seen thigh highs, but have you seen the even higher thigh, thigh highs? Let’s just say they are meant to hit above the knee, like way above.

The Mona Lisa Heel:

Ever wish you could have a painting of yourself displayed in a museum? Well, we have an alternative for you! How about wearing a pair of heels that belong in a museum instead?

Double Trouble:

Designer Christopher Dixon says he’s found the solution to painful pumps, just add another heel! You could say we’re intrigued.


-Rachel Hogan

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