A Look Behind EAT (Elevate All the Time, LLC)

EAT (Elevate All the Time, LLC) is a business founded by Malik Jarrett. Jarrett is a Washington, D.C. native and studied Journalism at Virginia State University. EAT is, most importantly, a movement and a clothing brand rolled into one. EAT is an acronym to inspire people to always make progress in anything that they do. The slogan is #IfYouDontEatYouDieInTheStreets which came from one of Jarrett’s coaches and it has always stuck with him. Along with EAT being the goal to inspire individuals, it is also a way to pay homage. EAT has a substantial influence on the community in Washington, D.C. through different community service projects and through the clothing brand that is worn by many.



The idea of EAT came about when Jarrett was a freshman in college. He came up with the EAT acronym during a phone call with one of his friends and it has stuck with him since. EAT came about through Jarrett’s photography as well. He loves the idea of being able to freeze time and the responsibility of documenting everything. His main inspiration for EAT comes from children, women, the ghetto, and his mother. On Jarrett’s way up, he noticed a kid by the name of Carza Posey that would show up to all of his pop up shops and events. Posey also had dreams of starting his own clothing line and with the help of Jarrett, he was able to do so. This shows that Jarrett is inspired by the children that are showing their passions at such a young age. It is amazing that he is able to give Posey that experience.



EAT is here to spread positive energy. Jarrett says that his main focus isn’t the money and that he would want to die broke because he gave everything away to help others. The focus is having EAT being known. The EAT clothing brand has been worn by celebrities like Wale and 21 Savage which has helped the brand get attention in the media. As an entrepreneur, Jarrett has shown that he is very selfless and that this brand is about the people.

Jarrett has a goal of getting EAT to be known nationwide and he wants to share his art with other people. This goal is attainable for Jarrett because of the support he gets from the community and because of the support he gives to the community.


– Paige Phillips



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