Three Men’s Backpack Alternatives

backpack alternatives

Backpacks are an amazing tool. The problem with them however, is they tend to look childish.  There are some great backpacks out there that look stylish, but these are far and few. These “Style-packs” are often overpriced, leaving a desire for a cheaper option.  These alternatives offer a stylish solution that are also extremely versatile.

The Satchel

Kattee Real Leather 16

Otherwise known as the book bag or messenger bag, a satchel is the largest alternative for daily use.  It’s usually made from leather or canvas, and they come in various sizes as well as colors. There will be a bag for almost any person due to the wide variety of sizes and colors.  A bag with top handles and side pockets are usually referred to as a briefcase instead, such as the one pictured above by Kattee.

The Sleeve

A laptop sleeve is a fantastic minimalist accessory.  These come in an even wider variety than satchels as these are made from multiple materials, styles and colors.  This wide array of choices allows for someone to pick one that fits their needs and style very well. Typically these are good for holding a laptop in addition to a notebook and some papers, but due to their smaller size they usually can’t hold much more than that.  Some people have blamed these for looking like a large women’s clutch purse, however when rocked with confidence these look amazing. Terry Crews is an advocate of the “man-clutch” and provides a great example of how well it can fit it with an outfit.

Small Leather Sling

Image result for mens shoulder chest bag

Having a leather sling is a great bag for a brief time out, it’s big enough to hold basic supplies such as a battery pack, a small umbrella, water bottles, and keys.  They are more classy than a sling bag and are a lot more convenient to carry around. These could easily be considered the male equivalent of a purse and are highly useful.

-Eric Blanchard

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