Runway Songs and Fashion Icons

For the past year, I have played music at some of DAMchic’s launch parties and runways shows. After doing so I started thinking about music and the apparent crossover it has with the fashion world. This article is all about showcasing some of the ways fashion and music interconnect, such as individual icons and how runway shows expose people to new music.

When thinking about music and fashion crossovers, the very first thing that came to mind was Grace Jones. She’s had a very successful career including being a top 5 billboard artist with her 1981 album, a movie star (playing a bond villain), as well as a considerable modeling career. She became known for her distinctive androgynous appearance and bold features, as well as her memorable interviews.

Grace Jones- Slave to Rhythym 


Grace Jones- Pull up to the Bumper 


As a pop artist, Grace Jones covered some experimental songs that exposed the public to a lot of different music.

Grace Jones- Warm Leatherette 

The Normal- Warm Leatherette

In addition to Grace Jones, another artist that stands out not only in the music industry, but also the fashion is A.G Cook. In 2015, A. G. Cook’s music as well as his fellow pcmusic affiliates were featured in the Cruise 2015/16 CHANEL Show.

Chanel Cruise 2015/16

This was the perfect fit due to A. G. Cook’s futuristic electronic music style. He’s come a long way since then including working and touring for Charli XCX. His production-work can be heard all over Charli XCX’s Pop 2 and it’s amazing to see how far he’s come considering how experimental and weird some of his music is.

A.G Cook 

Another amazing collaboration was seen during Rihanna’s 2017 fashion show. During the event SOPHIE performed and Rihanna’s love for the english electronic producer was apparent after being featured on Rihanna’s instagram. The song MSMSMSM from SOPHIE’s album PRODUCT can be heard in the fashion show (at 2:18).


Pretty much everything SOPHIE touches is gold, including the 2015 collaboration under the name ‘Sfire’, which sounds like very definitive runway music.


British indie group ‘Lets Eat Grandma’ recently got the SOPHIE produced touchup on their single ‘Hot Pink’.


French fashion shows always seem to get french-electronic music exclusives, like with the 2009 seventeen minute track produced by Justice exclusively for the show, which ended being some of the best music the duo ever made.

Dior Spring/ Summer 2009

Justice Duo 

For the past couple Saint Laurent fashion shows, full soundtracks of new material have been produced by Sebastian.

Which fans have ripped and compiled into unofficial albums, but until any official comes out we have his recent production work for charlotte gainsbourg’s 2017 album to tide us over.

Gainsbourg- Deadly Valentine

Fashion and music have always been interconnected, and hopefully this article has shown you a little insight into how experimental music is exposed to a large audience through fashion shows. I’ll leave you with two very modern sounding songs which I hope to expose people to through Dam Chic’s 3rd release party, more music is always available through my constantly updated youtube playlist. But for now enjoy and thank you for reading!

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