Night Life Attire

Weather you have your go-to outfit or like to change it up each weekend, everyone wants to look and feel a certain way when they head out on a Friday night.  No matter the occasion, every outfit has a purpose when you put it on. Feeling confident and comfortable are things that everyone strives to achieve in their looks, weather you put a lot of thought into it or not, everyone shares a common bond in wanting to look good in what we wear.  I interviewed several students on a Saturday night asking why they decided to wear what they had on, what influenced them to pick that, and what about it makes them want to take that outfit out on the town.

 Madi Arnold (left) and Kaitlyn Urquhart (right) decided to coordinate their looks with tube tops, distressed denim and ankle boots.  They said, “we wear this because we feel comfy” knowing that you look your best when you feel your best.

 In classic Oregon fashion Isaac Lee went out in a plain olive tee shirt, flannel, and distressed jeans.  He said he choose his outfit because it’s his go-to night out look and “I look good in it” he says, “it fits me well and I feel comfortable in these clothes.”

  Showing off some hot trends, Ashli Quintela rocked a sheer front tie blouse, ripped jeans and some fishnet tights saying that she put the look together because “It makes me feel super confident and sexy.”

 Sienna Kaske showed off a simple but current look of thrifted trousers and a cute black, velvet crop top that she said she put together because she loves the vintage look.  “This outfit makes me feel good about myself, it’s comfortable and cute. My favorite part of all of it is actually my hoops (earrings) because it represents apart of my culture, which is a part of me I am really proud to show” says Kaske about her outfit.

Confidence, comfort and of course anything distressed seem to be a running trend in why and what people choose to wear. Feeling good about the way you show yourself off to the world means being happy in what you put on your body.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel cute, or sexy, or good about yourself when you go out.

– Jen Dirstine

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