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So, the school year just ended, and now you are thinking of starting your career. We all know you want to be the impressive one among so many other candidates. You have put great efforts and time to make the best résumé, cover letter, and portfolio. You nailed your elevator pitch, but is your interview attire as ready as you are?

Tailor your outfits to the company’s brand, not every company looks forward to seeing you in business professional attire. “It’s a fact that businesses are moving more towards ‘smart attire,’ or at least that’s what they call it here at Freddie’s, which means people can dress a little more casually,” says Casey Anderson, an Assistant Planner at Kroger CO.

It’s time to put your college gear away, and take a few baby steps to strike the best balance between professional and casual. But what will that look like? For both men and women, business professional means a full suit according to the College Of Business Career Success Guide. When you start to blend your taste into the business professional wear, it becomes business casual, which puts you in a hard time to make appropriate choices. “Don’t go straight to jeans,” says Anderson.

Play with colors and textiles to make the savvy choices. The first impression is always important no matter what company or position you apply for. Present your fresh summer sense in a light green colored linen jacket that resembles pistachio ice cream. This muted green not only makes you look unique but also tidy. Escalate your sophistication! As you add a deep moss green button up shirt underneath the light green jacket, your maturity rises up as well. Likewise, the soft touch of baby pink, pale lilac, or any pastel colors will brighten your ensemble. If the company that you are applying for has a casual dress code, utilize colored faux leather jackets or cardigans to create a more flattering look.

If you want to stick with basic essentials, wear black fitted serene black, charcoal grey, or navy blue items. They are so basic that you can’t mess them up. Polish your business attire with slim fitted jackets or pairs of dress pants. Here is a tip that Anderson emphasizes for female readers, “I see a lot of girls in bando skirts – like the tighter stretchy skirts. No matter what length, these drive the older people in the office crazy, save it for the evenings. Skirts should be knee length or at most an inch above the knee – including when you sit,” said Anderson.

Don’t know where to get your interview outfits ready? Don’t worry, Benny’s Business Closet at Oregon State University offers affordable professional attire. Check out this hidden gem on Friday between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Milam 027, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.

Now, blow the doors off the interview room in your killer business attire!

– Young Oum


Casey Anderson

Assistant Planner – Storage, Appliances, Cleaning

Fred Meyer | Kroger Co.

3800 SE 22nd Ave. Portland, Oregon 97202

[email protected]


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