MET Gala: Crowns and Gowns

Every year the most influential fashion party is held on the first Monday of May. The Met Gala is a fundraising event for the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art while showcasing the museum’s most recent art. The artistic display’s intend to prevail fashion conforming to modern culture. You may here the event referred to as “fashion’s biggest night out,” an appropriate name after seeing the incredible looks presented each year.

2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the Met Gala, hosted by Anna Wintour alongside Donatella Versace, Amal Clooney and Bad Gal RiRi. This years theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” is labeled as the Costume Institute’s most ambitious show. The theme delivers a three-way collaboration between fashion, prize possessions of the Sistine Chapel Sacristy, and medieval art of the Met’s collection.

In years past, the public has seen incredible looks that will never be forgotten. In 2015 Rihanna stood with elegance while wearing an embroidered yellow train that cascaded over the red stairs,  needing five men to carry.

We saw Kim Kardashian West step on the carpet with her Balmain army silver jeweled and pleated dress with a bold, blonde brow in 2016. Queen B arrived solo in 2016 wearing a Givenchy beaded latex haute couture dress complimenting her incredible frame. Each celeb making the books with their original and ingenious pieces.

This year’s theme shocked the public. Everyone was very curious to see how the celebs would address the theme within their looks. Kaylee Beck, OSU student fashion and lifestyle blogger states, “Interesting and unique, but also something very unpredictable in terms of what people would be wearing,” after hearing this years dress attire.

Vogue describes the gala as one that, “has become a reflection of our changing culture while establishing and confirming fashion trends.” The celebrities embraced the theme this year and went big with their attire.

Rita Ora and Donatella Versace:

Solange Knowles and Janelle Monáe:


Virgil Abloh and Kendall Jenner:

Winnie Harlow:


Ariana Grande:

Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez:


Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen:

Headpieces, embroidered and intricately jeweled gowns, and long trains seemed to be a reoccuring theme from the night. The celebrities embraced the theme and elegantly represented the influence of the Catholic Imagination with each article. Oh, and don’t forget the grand proposal of 2 Chainz to his now fiance Kesha Ward.

The gowns were elegant and well picked, “People chose the gowns they wanted because it represents and means something to them, which then comes across to their viewers and fans” Kaylee Beck.

Paige Phillips, DamChic Street Style and Beauty Editor states, “I appreciate that people are trying to be more cautious and sensitive to people’s religions and cultures. It was thoughtful of the people that put on MET Gala to ask for permission.” There was a great respect shown for all religions represented at the event. Through the art of fashion, the guests were able to bring together a sense of culture, and respect the Catholic religion, alongside many others within our world.

If you are going to watch any award ceremony or big fashion event, this is the one to watch. People of all sides of entertainment attend the event. Overall, the gala was a beautiful success and I am excited to see what is in store for this years new trends and next year’s theme.

– McKenna Zandecki

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