Disciples of the Apocalypse

Depicting a fight for survival and power this creative editorial explores the pathways of the future.

We lived in a beautiful land, the future was bright. The promise of technological advancement was a glimmer in our eyes. But our hunger for immediate progression brought out the evil in us.

Our change in morale called upon the serpent lady from the depths. She tempted us, whispering destruction and chaos in our ears. Massed industrial production reached a point of no return. With an exponential increase in our population came a parallel incline in C02 emissions. The contaminated atmosphere threatened the continuation of human life.

The fight for survival and power caused wars among our cities and countries. Political struggle turned allies into enemies. Those who lived through the wars were no match for the toxic air.

Polluted, our lands were barren. The only life left? The ones who started it all, the serpent and her disciples, Adam and Eve.

Tempted by the illusion of immortality and bottomless wealth, the man and woman were condemned to live in the apocalyptic hell for eternity. The chemical filled skies, while having no effect on their never ending lives, destroyed any hope of reproduction. So only three remained and will ever remain.

There was Adam. He surveyed his desolate land in despair.

There was Eve. Among the dead foliage, she alone sparkled under the smog filtered sun.

Then there was the serpent. With her many faces, she was always looming. Powerful and poisonous, the serpent took her hold on the only humanity left after the apocalypse.

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