Loose Ends, vintage/designer resale pop-up shop, takes place this Saturday

Written by Emma Strgar

This Saturday, November 17th, Loose Ends will be throwing its fourth vintage and designer resale pop-up from 11am to 7pm. The pop-up will be at its standard location: 126 NW 4th St, Corvallis, OR. 

Loose Ends was an event created out of a desire to create a physical platform for people pursuing their hustle in vintage resale. The first pop-up took place on April 27th, 2018 and since that date the founder’s of Loose Ends have worked to throw three successful events. 

The biggest principle that Loose Ends seeks to uphold with their vendors, music, and the event as a whole is individuality. Most pieces brought are one-of-a-kind, and no two shoppers will leave with the same piece. 

Since their first pop-up, the event has grown to include thirteen vendors and nine DJ’s that will be switching sets every hour.  

This event’s vendor list includes: 

    1. getlikemeclothing @getlikemeclothing
    2. Vintage Heatwave @vintage_heatwave
    3. Vintage Sold By Lucas @vintagesoldbylucas
    4. Fiveothrift @fiveothrift
    5. Banned Brands @bannedbrands
    6. Joe Hall @veryrareswaggeremporium
    7. Floras Lane Vintage @floraslanevintage
    8. 4sinnersnsaints @4sinnersnsaints
    9. Robby Elliot @rbyelt
    10. Undertow Resale @undertowresale
    11. Suite Zero @suitezero.us
    12. Briauna Pope @bee883
    13. WOKR @wokrr

The DJ list, in random order, includes:

  1. Arii Mas @djariimas 
  2. Keep Falling @keepxfalling 
  3. Yalan @alanpacheco
  4. jarias @justinarias
  5. mio phreake @motivationalseminar
  6. handeye @handeyevisuals 
  7. martinradio @martinradio1
  8. Micheal Sieler
  9. WOKR @wokrr 

Leveling the playing field between vendors and shoppers, Loose Ends works to create an environment that people can meet in the middle to shop, listen to good music, and just hang out. We hope to see you all there!

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