La Rinascita Reale

Randi Rammelsberg: Scarf-top: thrifted, red skirt: thrifted, boots: Doc Martens, belt bag: thriftedMadison Lee: Blouse, leather pants and belt: vintage, boots: Doc Martens  

The tuscan sun peeked out from the hills, enlightening this homage to the Medici family. La Rinascita Reale explores the terrain of the Boboli Gardens, one of the largest and most magical outdoor museums in Florence, Italy. Located behind the world renowned Pitti Palace, previous residence to the Medici Family in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, DAMChic was graced with a bella esperienza wandering through the Italian gardens.

Location: Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy

Makeup and hair by Randi and Madison

Special thanks to Paolo Colaiocco 


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