En Chroma

Model Luis Acosta and Roman Cohen pose in vintage knitwear from Beekman Place Antique Mall. 

by Meaghan Evans

Imagine Black and White

What if we only saw in black in white? Red roses- black. Blue sky- white. Green trees- some kind of grey in between. Color is how us humans express our emotions, and without it, what would we feel? Happy- black. Angry- white. In love- some kind of grey in between.


Imagine Color

Color defines a time, a place, a feeling. The right mixture of white and red can evokes a sense of strength and elegance, as seen in Degas’ 1885 ‘Dancers in Pink’. A dark teal can be mysterious and commanding, exemplified in Giorgione’s 1506 The Tempest. Color is an expression with so many options to choose from and thankfully, color has been with us since the dawn of time and it will stay with us until the end.  

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