Fuax Freckles Trend

Faux Freckles

By: Amanda Nelson

For those of you that were blessed with a freckled face, the fashion and beauty world now envies you and your sun kisses, despite what the kids in your middle school class said about them. As seen in fashion shows, festivals and sported by models such as Chantel Jefferies, faux freckles are changing the way makeup is applied this fall and winter.

To obtain this look manually use eyebrow filler or eyeliner in a medium or light shade applied with a pointed soft tip brush or eyebrow applicator. For a quicker more simple way us the new adhesive sheets applied over a bronzed layer for a sun kissed freckled look, or a lighter base for a more porcelain appearance.

Many fashion designers and college fashionistas have embraced this new makeup trend and have gladly made it a part of their daily makeup routine, while others believe this freckle craze has gone too far. They believe makeup has taken a turn for the worst in disguising young men and women’s faces to the point of no return. Try it out and decide for yourself, will you rock a sun kissed freckled face this winter or will you pass on this up and coming trend?

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