The Colors of Fall 2017

The colors of fall 2017

As leaves turn from green to red, the color in our wardrobes start to change as well. When the thought of Fall comes to mind, usually red and brown undertones follow along with it. However, this fall, there’s something a little different coming about; a palette inspired by grey.

This new palette introduces a variety of colors as the season changes. Colors ranging from blue to burnt orange, all having in common that slight grey undertone. Take a look at the palette below.

The pastels also play a big role, including different shades of tan. This change not only provides a fresh new fall look, it also has the option of mixing and matching items effortlessly. Another color that will play a big role this fall, is a toned-down forest green. It is predicted that this green will replace black and become a go-to neutral. This can be seen in green jean jackets, army pants, and even sweaters.

Another way to incorporate this trend is by is using the textures that are shown along these patterns. Textures over strong patterns is another way this trend may be exposed. Challenge yourself to mix and match these colors and play with textures.  As you begin to purchase your comfy fall pieces keep these colors in mind

 – Rachel Hogan