Cross-Body Bags: Not Just for Women

Cross-body bags

Bag options for men are often quite restrictive. You either carry around a backpack, a wallet, or maybe a messenger bag. While these may be great for going to school, or carrying a few credit cards, what about all the trips where you need a little more than just your pockets? What’s there to fill the gap? Enter the cross-body bag, a bag with the potential to carry all the things you need without all of the hassle backpacks can create. Cross-body bags (sometimes called shoulder bags) range from cheap and utilitarian to expensive and luxurious. Below are a range of these essential accessories in order to get you started on purchasing your next fall bag:


Sling Sack by Palace Skateboards

Currently sold out on the Palace website, but can be purchased at a resale site such as

Coming from the lads over at UK-based brand Palace Skateboards, the Sling Sack offers a traditional bag in a tightly-woven canvas similar to a traditional Jansport backpack. The Tri-Ferg logo is printed oversized all over the bag in a subtle, monotone design. Complete with an adjustable nylon webbing strap, this is a great minimal statement piece that can not only elevate your fit, but your carrying potential as well.




Can be purchase at for £175.00

A-COLD-WALL is known for their unique perspective on everyday items and garments, this bag being no exception. The ACW* Logo Utility Holster Model 2 is brand owner Samuel Ross’ latest interpretation of the classic cross body bag. As the name suggests, it’s worn similar to a shoulder holster. It’s constructed of a heavyweight natural canvas and features the brand’s logo on several different parts. This is a very unique bag from a quality brand and comes in at around $230.



Leatherbag Yellow by OBS x Eastwood Danso

Available at for £333.00

On the higher end of the shoulder bag spectrum is a bag from a collaboration between two up-and-coming brands: OBS and Eastwood Danso. Similar to A-COLD-WALL’s overall feel, this bag focuses on steel hardware and bright caution-tape yellow in Italian leather. Taking inspiration from industrial cues (hence the plastic label on the front), this bag comes in at the most expensive on the list. 

– Jordan Farris

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