Stylin at DAM JAM

KYLE Outfit Inspiration

Meaghan Evans

The DAM JAM stage was electric this weekend. KYLE, an American rapper and Alexandra Sholler (AKA Alison Wonderland), an Australian DJ, partnered up to give us an inspirational show. Reser stadium was full of energy and not to mention, some really fantastic outfits worn by both the artists themselves and by Oregon State University students. Camo pants, overalls and distressed denim graced the stands of Reser stadium and we loved it. The two artists also brought their A game when it came to their fits. KYLE dressed in a leopard print jacket and NIKE Air Jordan Retro 1s. Sholler in an OSU jersey and fishnet tights.

KYLE is a Ventura, California native. In a rolling stone interview, KYLE explained that he began singing at a very young age and continued to perfect his sound, inspired by artists like Jadakiss, Incubus and Kid Cudi. KYLE lifestyle influence comes from Will Smith and Goku from Dragon Ball Z. This performer’s style is colorful, easygoing, distressed, yet put together. The outfits he wears are simple but have just enough wacky detail to make his fits a little more fun.

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Sholler began her music career playing the cello in the Sydney Youth Orchestra. told Sholler’s journey from classical training to later playing bass in an indie band. Then, one night after hearing The Knife perform their song Silent Shout in a club, her music style changed. Now she is one of the highest paid female electronic DJs in the industry. According to Maxim, Sholler’s inspirations began with artists like OutKast, Beastie Boys and James Murphy. Their low key simple style is obvious in Sholler’s go to outfits, consisting of baggy t-shirts, overalls, track suits and long socks, the perfect items for her dynamic performances.

Everyone in the stadium on saturday evening could feel the growing excitement once the show began. KYLE and Alison Wonderland got us dancing, even those of us in the stands. The artists inspired us with energy and gave us a great ending to another spring term.

Take a look at these electrifying fits inspired by DAM JAM 2018’s headliners:

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